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15.10.2010 (2471 Days Ago)

Sally's blog. I won't be updating very often cause I'll just post news as news items but i might use this to put out funny or interesting stuff from the past from my crazy life.

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Sally's Old Craigslist Ads
Sally's Old Craigslist Ads
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Here's some of my classic Craigslist ads. Now that I'm monogamous I don;'t really need them anymore so why not share them?

Sally is doing a lunchtime thing. You can come over at noon for a bj.
I'm a trannie and I love sucking dick. Check out my website to see if everything is clear and we're a match.

www dot VeryNaughtySally dot com

See ya soon, maybe.

Trannie Soccer Mom

Have you ever had a fantasy of getting a bj from a Soccer Mom?


GREAT NEWS, OCEANSIDE! Sally is back, ready to deepthroat you!

Military men move to the head of the line!!!!!

My name is Sally, I'm a trannie and I've spent lots of time in Oceanside. I love serving our men uniform.

I'm in town with nothing to do but serve!

No drugs, no BS, no anal. Just great head!

I have lots of info on my website. Check it out.

www dot VeryNaughtySally dot com


Amazing Cocksucker Available Today! VeryNaughtySally dot com - t4m
I have a free website and you can see videos of me sucking cock. Check me out, guys. I'm a trannie and I love being on my knees.

Straight men only!


Sex Show

Calling all generous voyuers. Sex show! LIVE. Midnight...San Diego


Hi guys, it's me Sally. I'm all dressed up and ready to suck cock.

Stop in for some great head. I'm a trannie and i love sucking off masculine men!

Check out my website for details. I even have videos of me on there sucking cock.


Straight guys only, please.

www dot VeryNaughtySally dot com


Hi guys, it's me Sally. What's going on tonight?

I'm a trannie with a passion for cocksucking.

I even have a website about it with lots of videos of me in action.

Check it out:

www dot VeryNaughtySally dot com

Straight men only!


Hi San's me...Sally...what's going on?  Who needs head?

Check out my site:

www dot VeryNaughtySally dot com

I'm a trannie and I love sucking cock.

I'm on Yahoo...Show me your dick on webcam and if I like it....

I'll suck it.

I'm a trannie and i love sucking cock.

My Yahoo screenname is VeryNaughtySally

My personal website is www dot VeryNaughtySally dot com


News from VeryNaughtySally: I made a new video and I'm on Yahoo now.
I just uploaded a new video to my site. It's all free so check it out. It's me sucking dick thru a gloryhole.
Let me know what you think of my skills.
www dot VeryNaughtySally dot com
I'm a trannie and i love sucking dick.
I'm also on Yahoo right now under the name VeryNaughtySally
IM me. Show me yourself!

....Thats why they all say after I suck them...well okay maybe not all...but most!  LOL

My name is Sally and I'm a trannie who loves to suck cock....this is how i like it...I buzz you in...i leave my door walk in and i'm already waiting on my knees with my mouth walk up to me...whip it out...i suck leave!

I only like "manly" men queenie guys, fems or softies.

PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I DO LIKE : Cops, Construction Workers, Frat Boys, Military Guys, Athletes, Businessmen,  Married Men....etc.

I DO NOT LIKE : Tweekers, Guys who like to get fucked, druggies, pierced freaks, clubkids, thugs, "playas", trannie chasers, deadheads, bottoms and cocksuckers.

If you think we're a match...lets talk.   Send a pic for a quicker reply.

PS  i'd really be into sucking two guys at the same going back and forth but you guys don;t touch each other...HOT!



No kidding...I've given 4 hour blowjobs before...this is what i'm looking for...I want a guy who I go to his house and i basically live on his dick for 4 hours...while your on the phone, eating dinner, watching tv, reading a magazine....I'm sucking your dick the whole can even ignore me while I'm doing it...

I'm a trannie so if that freaks you out I understand but I really do give amazing head.

You must be masculine, superclean, inshape, drug and disease free, strong with a nice big piece between your legs...i'm not into anal or anything else...only sucking...and i want to do it at your house....hopefully you're married and your wife is away...I blew a guy like that last week and it really turned me on.

Maybe your even cool enough to invite a friend over and I'll work on him for a while while you watch.   I truly can suck for hours if you are the right guy.   let me know what you think.  I'm willing to travel up to an hour away.

Send a pic for a quicker reply.

On Yahoo and AIM I'm verynaughtysally



I know this sounds weird and you may not think it's true but my name is Sally and I'm really turned on by blue-collar men.   I love strong, tough men who work hard and know what they want!   I happen to be a transeexual so if that freaks you out I totally understand but if you're open minded and you want to see my pic, feel free to e-mail me back.  My speciality is serving.  It's the only thing I'm interested in.  My friend call me Monica   Though I'm sure I am better than her considering I can do it for hours without stopping.  So if your feeling adventuresome and in need of some relief let's talk.  I have a great job and I'm not looking for money or anything....I just like to have fun.  I also like having two visitors at once, too so if you work with a buddy maybe you can both stop by.  You may think I'm not for real but trust me...I am.   I love blue collar men.   See ya soon.


FUCK MY MOUTH LIKE IT'S A PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi's me Sally...don't freak out but i'm a transsexual...and i'm sucking cock all night tonight in if you need an amazing blowjob and you are straight, masculine and superclean then e-mail me.   i'm in entertaining all night.

send a pic for a quicker reply




Hey men it's me Sally...I'm a trannie in Oceanside...I have a gloryhole in my apt...its hot...come see for yourself. You walk in...see the hole...put your dick in and i blow the hell out of you then you leave. Are you up for it?

Send a pic for a quicker reply.

You must be masculine, superclean, basically gay guys please.


Here's my fantasy....I really want two guys....two roommates...and.... guys live together and you're both totally straight but open-minded and horny and you guys have me come over and blow you both. it can be at the same time or in seperate bedrooms but thats what i really want. thats the one fantasy i've never been able to make come true.

I want to be your personal cocsucker. Lets say i blow one of you while the other roommate is making dinner....or i blow you both while your watching tv....

the only catch is you both must be straight...not into doing each other and you must both be very clean. i'm open into any age range over 18. seriously. you guys could could be in your 20s or you 40s. I'm open. I just really want to do two cool roommates.


Trannie will give a loooooong BJ to a military man right now.

Any age or body type is welcome but you MUST be military!


I'm wearing sweats tonite. It's a trannie-meets-soccer-Mom thing

I wanna be comfortable tonight! If you like trannies and/or socccer Moms, you will love me! LOL

Anyway, I'm gonna be in San Diego tonight, prowling around. I might hit the Adult Depot, not sure. What are you up to?

I took this pic in a little porn shop last night. My first time ever going out in sweats! lol Look at all those dildos behind me!!! Crazy! And there were some really cute Marines in there! I do love those Marines!

And if you write me and I don't respond right away it's because I'm "busy" but I will respond, I promise. Have a great night. Don't drink and drive! And use your condoms!

PS Don't forget my trannie party next Saturday, Dec 1st, in Oceanside!


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